Commercial Roofing: Green Roof Systems

Green Roof Systems are a great environment friendly design option for flat roof commercial buildings. They are becoming very popular in cities and some can even be found on residential homes. It is an excellent way to use that is typically left empty and unused to create an environment that not only helps reduce energy costs but also helps regulate temperature and clean the air.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to the work done by the National Research Council of Canada, we know that green roofing can actually reduce air conditioning use in the summer by 75%. This is because green roofs act as an insulator from the sun. It keeps the roof cooler and reduces the amount of energy necessary to maintain the temperature indoors.

Urban Heat Island Effect

The temperatures in large metroplex areas actually increase and are much warmer than areas nearby. Depending on population density, this can reduce the quality of the air drastically. Green roofs can help reduce the negative effects of urban heat islands including smog and greenhouse gas emissions. Plants also help by absorbing sunlight which reduces the heat.

Improved Air Quality

Green roofs are becoming more popular because of how it helps the environment. Plants have the ability to filter out harmful gases and pollution effectively cleaning the air and reducing city smog. Green roofs are a great way to reduce the temperature which means less reliance on energy from power plants. This will result in a decrease in the amount of CO2 and pollution from being produced by power plants further improving air quality.

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