3 Ceiling Fixtures To Consider For Your Next Remodel

3 Ceiling Fixtures to Consider for Your Next Remodel

Have you been thinking of remodeling your home? You may be focusing on the flooring, storage and paint, which are all important. But small changes in your Tulsa, OK ceiling fixtures can make a room really pop. And lucky for  you, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a large investment.

Light Fixtures

An easy method of converting the style of a room is by updating the light fixtures. With the chandeliers, track lights, pendants and much more to choose from, the possibilities are endless. You can match these fixtures to whatever style you’re going for, from elegant to modern to rustic. It’s amazing what a new light fixture can do for a room! Plus, this doesn’t have to cost you much money! If budget is an issue, you can often buy inexpensive light covers that still update a room at an affordable cost.

Exposed Beams

One way to bring immediate character to a room is with exposed beams. If you love the look of exposed beams but own a newer home, there’s still hope. Luckily, if your home wasn’t built with big exposed beams, we can install faux beams that bring immediate style to a room! Whether your style is rustic or traditional, exposed beams can change a space, adding depth and often the illusion of height. They can be installed easily in any room, from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen, to give a newer home a historic charm!


Lighting is the way to determine the mood of a room. Whether you’re yearning for more natural light or just want an interesting ceiling fixture that will draw the eye to a certain area, skylights are an excellent way to go. These bring natural light from above. A bonus of skylights is their potential for energy savings! Think about it: You won’t need to turn on the lights if you’ve got ample sunlight coming in, which saves you money on your utility bills!

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