Inspect Your Roof While Decorating For The Holidays

Christmas and other winter holidays may not be here yet but they’re on the way! And with the mild weather we’ve had this fall, many people are getting an early start to their holiday decorating. If you put up lights and decorations yourself, we have a few ways to inspect your roof as you decorate!

Note the Gutters

Since even the most basic lights tend to go around the edges of the roof, you might as well take a look at your gutters while you’re at it. If you notice excess leaves, now may be a perfect time to clean them out. Alternately, if you notice sagging or broken fasteners, it’s best to address these issues early in order to avoid costly repairs!

Test the Siding

If you have wooden exterior fixtures like siding and fascia and you’re already outdoors decorating, it makes sense to do a quick test! Simply apply pressure to the wood. If it’s soft or squishy, chances are there is wood rot. This condition spreads fast, so it’s best to call a pro if you suspect your siding may be rotten. This test takes no time at all and can save you a significant amount of money in extensive repairs if you catch it early!

Inspect the Attic

Finally, take a look at your attic! Most people already keep their Christmas and holiday decorations in here, so it doesn’t hurt to simply look up. If you notice any damp spots or roof holes in the attic, call a roofer for a repair! You can save yourself a lot of hassle in the busy holiday season by fixing leaks and holes in the roof before they damage your home’s interior.

When you take the time to inspect your roof as you decorate it, you can potentially save money if you notice small problems and get them fixed promptly. You can always call our professional Tulsa, OK roofers at 918-382-7663 if you notice any issues as you decorate!

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