Couples in the Home Building Process

Building the home of your dreams with your spouse seems like it would be an exciting journey, but for some it causes problems that begin to tear each other apart. Here are a couple ways to stay together and continue to be happy without the drama.

Have a Detailed Conversation BEFORE You Begin.

Sit down and discuss the journey you are about to embark on. Strategize on what you both want and do not want in your home. Work together to pick out ideas, and be honest about you are not willing to settle on. Have your hard conversations up front. This will save you many arguments down the line. Remember that you are creating a shared vision, realize what you might have to compromise on before you do anything else. Discuss price limits on different options and supplies. Decide early on what you are going to splurge on and what you are willing to hold back.

Learn to Laugh It Off

Undoubtedly, there will be mistakes made, deadlines missed and extra costs. Look at your partner and just start laughing. Mistakes happen and fights are expected, make sure you just have a reality check on what is most important. The wrong tile, or your marriage. Go on dates where you promise to not discuss the project. Remember that your marriage needs to come first.

Stay in Communication

Sometimes the builder might make a decision with one spouse without checking it with the other. If this happens, huge problems will occur. Make sure that you are keeping each other in the loop with decisions, questions and what you care about. If this does happen make sure you listen to each other’s point of view on the circumstance. Blame the builder if you need to!

If Fights Do Occur (and they will)

Take a step back. Tell your spouse that you both need a ten-minute break to think and then come back together and make a decision, or compromise. If your expectations are established beforehand then it will make the problems that come up much easier to deal with.

Building your dream home with the one you love is possible! Decor Construction would love to be a part of that. It’s our goal to ensure that your home is a safe, comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy and make years of treasured memories.

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