Trends in the Home

2017 is a year of trends. From a more environmentally home, to a home filled with new technology, making sure your home fits the contemporary style is in! Let Decor Construction help build or remodel your home just the way you want it!

Voice-activated assistants.

There’s been a lot of talk about voice assistants in the home. Amazon’s Alexa, which is enabled in the Echo Dot shown on this side table, acts as a voice-activated interface for many smart home devices. These devices work through activation phrases like “Alexa” or “OK Google.” The devices, placed throughout your home, are always listening in somewhat of a dormant state. Say the activation phrase, and the device fires up and awaits your command. Ask it to give you the weather or play a song from Spotify or dim your lights or power up the hot tub.

White with off-white.

There’s just something refreshing about a room full of white. But when done in one stark white tone, things can start to feel more like a hospital than a home. Balancing a white palette with creamy off-whites and natural linen hues creates a breathtaking look that can be rich with character.

Personalized Use of Space

To make the best use of space for each resident, design professionals are zeroing in on how clients want to live rather than thinking about how people use space generically. One size doesn’t fit all any longer. Ensure that a space could be used multiple ways. Make it fit with your family.

Taupe Is the New Gray

White remains the top paint color choice due to its flexibility and the fact that it comes in so many variations. Though white has been upstaged by gray in recent years, this year many will be searching for a warmer neutral. Taupe a smart alternative since it still performs as a neutral with other colors, cool or warm.

A Place for Play

Spaces that encourage play are trending higher on wish lists, whether it’s a backyard bocce court (the latest outdoor amenity to show up in residential backyards) or a putting green. Technological advances have allowed for rapid improvement on indoor games as well, indoor golf simulators, for example. There is more playfulness outdoors in the form of non-sports amenities, such as pizza ovens. This is one of the trends that will stick around!

Counter Options

Much like granite did, quartz is predicted to be a kitchen favorite until another material comes along. But other green laminate options are gaining in popularity, and they’re no longer just for the budget-minded consumer. Laminate options that mimic stone, wood, distressed metal, and concrete are gaining in popularity. Avoid designs that include the “spots and dots” or speckled patterns from decades past.

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