How to Select a Contractor You Can Trust

First things first, remember that when your hire a contractor this person will be around you and your family for weeks, even months. This means that if you are questioning your contractor at all you should try to find a new one. Remember you both need to get along for the duration of the project! Here are some tips to look for when looking for a contractor.


Hiring a contractor with experience is probably the most important tip we can give! You want your redesign to be just like you want it to make sure your contractor can deliver and is someone you can trust. A great contractor will provide a list of relevant, completed projects for your review.

Ask Around:

Has your neighbor used this contractor? Ask them about their problems or issues that came up. Ask references about the communication before during and after the project, as well as their satisfaction with staying on-time and on-budget. The more you know, the better your experience will be.


In order to have a success project, make sure your contractor has all the licenses, certifications and insurance they will need to complete your project safely.

Talk to Them in Person:

Selection of a contractor should not rely on phone interviews and paperwork alone. Meet in-person with the top candidates. Discuss your most important project goals and select a contractor who answers all questions to your satisfaction. Communication and trust are a vital part of a client-contractor relationship and you can only know that after meeting in person.

Cheapest is Not Always Best:

Remodeling is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should try to save by choosing the contractor with the lowest bid. Make sure that if the price is super low that they still produce quality work.


Decor Construction has the ability to identify and analyze possible risks which may occur during the construction process. With our years of construction experience and trained team of professionals, Decor Construction routinely performs risk assessments on projects to prevent unexpected issues.  We have contractors that you can trust. Minimize risk with Decor Construction.

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