Choosing A Commercial Construction Contractor

commercial construction tulsa, commercial construction contractor tulsaIt is a milestone in your career when you can expand your business. Thanks to your hard work, good decisions (and a little luck) your concept is thriving. Now, take the time to find a partner to share your vision and create additional commercial space to grow.

Does My Project Require A Commercial Contractor?

Depending on your scope of work, many expansion projects will benefit from a team well-versed in commercial construction. Municipal and local laws may require some form of contracting licensing. For example, most jurisdictions require a) an obtained building permit in order to begin construction and b) a certificate of occupancy upon completion prior to opening for business.  

Securing these permits and supervising regulations from multiple jurisdictions can be overwhelming for business owners looking to build without using a building contractor.  For the most efficient use of resources, a commercial contractor can clear roadblocks and better manage the timeline.

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Commercial Contractor?

So, to choose the best fit for the project, be clear about your project. Before you make calls to interview several contractors, firm up your vision. Then contact 3-5 contractors to learn how different contractors work: requirements, price quotations, and other crucial details. With these details, you will make an informed decision and choose a construction company that matches your expectations. Where should you start?

Get Recommendations

Ask around when looking for construction services for your commercial or residential project.   Vendors, suppliers, neighbors and business contacts are a great resource for reputable contacts for your project. Additionally, you could check with your real estate agent, insurance agent or commercial banker; they will have other clients with similar needs.

Use this list to narrow down your choices. Choose a contractor with proven experience in the specific field of construction you need. Match the size of the project and your timeline to further edit the choices.

Verify Licenses And Insurance

Most local jurisdictions require that a contractor is licensed, carries substantial insurance and, in many instances, has a bond with them. When considering a commercial contractor, check online to ensure they have a qualified license and request insurance verification directly from the insurance company. Be sure to compare the coverages between contractors as it can vary tremendously.

During the construction process, workers need to be covered against injuries. Additionally, your property should be insured against damages that may occur during the process. Hiring a licensed and law-abiding company protects your existing business.

Compatible Communication Styles

You want to find a contractor who is willing to work with your style of communication; do you want daily, weekly, or monthly updates? Do you prefer meeting via email, phone or in-person? Clarify your expectations.

Schedule a face-to-face meeting with the contractors you are considering before signing on the bottom line. A personal connection can ensure compatibility throughout the building process. The ideal contractor will make the owner feel comfortable and confident that they can complete the job on time and within budget.  

Choose An Established Company

Successfully managing a large construction project requires years of experience. Before hiring a contractor, it’s essential to review their qualifications. The contractor with the lowest price might not be the best for the job; it could cost substantially more to correct errors from inexperience.  

Verify a brick-and-mortar location and an established presence in your area to avoid issues with warranty work or follow-up after your project is completed. A reputable contractor will always give you high-quality services to safeguard his or her image. Check online reviews for similar projects.

The Bid Process

Once contractors have reviewed your project, they will draw up a list of plans and estimated costs which are known as a ‘bid’. Be sure that the proposal is as detailed as possible and take into account what is excluded; ensure all of your bids adhere to the same scope for comparison.

While cost should not be the primary factor in choosing a contractor, assessing the relative value of the services is the best way to compare contractors and to make the best choice for your needs. Take experience, the range of services offered and the reputation of the contractor into account when comparing costs can help you make the right choice for your project. There is nothing bad or wrong with working with the most affordable construction company in your region. However, balance affordability– don’t forget about quality.   

Check References

Before hiring any contractor,  ask for, AND CHECK, references! Any honest contractor will give a potential client a list of companies they’ve worked with in the past. But you need to do the work and make the calls. Ask:

  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Did the contractor communicate clearly throughout the project?
  • Did the contractor personally supervise the work site?
  • Was the job completed within budget?
  • Would they recommend this contractor?

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