Successful Commercial Build-Outs

commercial construction tulsa, commercial reconstruction tulsa, commercial remodeling tulsaAs you plan the future for your business in Tulsa, you might decide to create a stand-alone building. Or you may rather decide that taking over a pre-existing space aligns with your business goals. Building out a tenant space is typically easier than creating a new building from scratch, but there are still a few things that we at Decor Construction would recommend business owners can do to improve the process.

Plan Design

Before you begin your office build-out, you should carefully plan your project. Identify the primary reasons you’re developing or expanding your workspace. For example, project your brand, create more functional space, install newer technology, create an energy-efficient environment, etc. Determine what you truly need in your new space versus what you would like to have.

Research design ideas and have a clear vision of what your ideal workplace will look like. Consider the future needs of your clients, employees, vendors, and even your municipality. Fine tune your wish list. Rank your needs and then your wants.

Construction Cost Estimating

Solicit a “preliminary cost estimate” for your project to get you in the ballpark of the final costs. Some architects are willing to offer their opinion on costs as well. True final costs will be derived from the detailed drawings and engineering. It is usually best to wait until the construction plans are ready to be submitted to the City for the first review before requesting firm pricing. The more your plans change, the more price changes you will have as a result. Keep in mind that you affect the final price.

When your plans are clear and firm, expect a detailed and itemized cost estimate. A single price bid with no details can be a sign that things are being hidden or omitted from the estimate. Expect category breakdowns of General Condition Costs (supervision, equipment, etc.) All contractors have the costs of construction, overhead & profit, and taxes and should be willing to disclose the specifics.

If construction specifics are unidentified in a given area, an “Allowance” line item will help identify cost increases or decreases when that item’s final price is identified.

You can definitely expect an estimate of “Time to Construct” at the same time the costs are estimated so that you can plan your move to your new space.

More Tips For Commercial Tenant Build Out

  • Qualified commercial construction companies will be happy to show you their license, and provide you with a list of completed projects and references.  
  • Although it may be tempting to authorize work based on a verbal estimate and a handshake, insist on a contract. Insist that all terms, specifications, timelines, products, costs, and payment schedules are in writing. Sign and validate the contract before any materials are ordered or any workers are on site.
  • Establish Lines of Communication. A client always has the right to know details about scheduling and progress, delays or potential problems, cost increases, upcoming billings and the like. Clients have a corresponding obligation to inform the contractor about potential concerns or disputes, payment problems that might affect the work. Typical weekly reports should include: Building Department Inspection Results, Progress Pictures, and Schedule Updates. Decide what information each party requires for productive work.
  • Establish Benchmarks. Identify and quantify important achievements: green tags from building officials, approved draw requests by lenders, the day the water is turned on, etc.  
  • From the initial plan check to the building permit, to final inspection and issuance of a certificate of occupancy, don’t neglect the requirements. In addition, a final owner and tenant walk-through should be made to resolve all discrepancies before final payment and turnover of the keys.
  • Expect excellent coverage. The contractor must carry General Liability insurance and it should be issued to you as an “Additional Insured” and “Certificate Holder”. Policy limits should be at a minimum of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and be issued by a highly rated insurance company. Builders Risk Insurance should also be in place as it protects against the loss of work and material that you have already paid for and is completed. A lack of proper insurance coverage should be a concern and could create a possible risk to your investment.

A Solid Construction Team In Tulsa

Whether it’s a restaurant build-out, office build-out, or retail build-out, Décor Construction has the expertise to make your vision into a reality. Décor Construction is a licensed general contractor with years of experience doing residential remodels, multi-family construction, and reconstruction services.

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