4 Rooms In Your Home Most Vulnerable To Water Damage

water damage tulsa, water damage cleanup tulsa, water damage restoration tulsaYour home is never completely safe from water damage. There are, however, a few areas that are significantly more prone to flooding than others. To prevent impairments such as these, it is important to know what rooms these are and specific things you can do to prevent these types of situations in them. Below are the four most vulnerable rooms in most homes according to our water damage restoration experts at Décor Construction in Tulsa. 


Your bathroom is a common source of water damage because there are so many different sources of water that can spring a flood. These include your bathtub/shower, sink, toilet and any pipes running through your bathroom. One common way to detect these things in your bathroom is to look for perpetual moisture on the ground. If the ground around the toilet is always wet for no discernible reason, then your toilet is probably leaking onto the ground. You should also pay attention to any musty odors- which are a strong indication that there is mold growing somewhere in your bathroom. Finally, you should pay extra attention to your bathroom if it is always humid. High humidity in your bathroom can lead to mold growing on the walls and on the ceiling. 


Unsurprisingly, basements are another area of the home that are very vulnerable to water damage. Since basements are beneath all the other rooms of the home, any water damage that occurs above the basement has the potential to filter down into the room below. These types of damages can also originate in your basement. This typically happens through a run down or problematic water heater, broken pipes, or water coming in through the window wells. It also can become far worse in basements as well since they aren’t visited quite as often. If you don’t go down to your basement very often, you should make it a point to visit it every couple of weeks and look for any potential leaks or damage.  


Like your bathroom, your kitchen is a common source of water damage because of all the different sources of water in it. Your sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, and pipes in your kitchen all have the potential to cause these types of permanent issues. The best way to prevent this in your kitchen is to look for perpetual spots of excess moisture and maintain your appliances. 


Finally, your crawlspace is another area of your home that is vulnerable to flooding and water damage. Just like your basement, crawlspaces are especially susceptible to this type of problem because they are often the lowest part of the home. Make sure you check your crawlspace regularly to look for any potential issues before the damage accumulates. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Tulsa

We hope these tips help you keep your home water damage-free. However, while these are great starting tips,these situations still can’t be prevented at times even after your best efforts. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at Décor Construction in Tulsa for help if your home is suffering from water damage.

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