Proper Repairs And Maintenance Prolong Your Roof

roof repairs tulsa, roofing company tulsa, roof maintenance tulsaEvery year, millions of homeowners replace their roof, either because it has reached the end of its lifespan or the last storm really did a number on it. But even though everyone eventually needs to replace their roof, there are several maintenance tips for shingle roofs you can use to avoid tearing it off sooner rather than later. Some maintenance chores are easy enough to do yourself. Some tasks are safer and more effective when performed by roofing repair and construction professionals. 

Roof Repairs In Tulsa 

DIY–Check Your Shingles Regularly

We live in tornado alley. To make your roof last, the first step is– check up on often, especially after a heavy storm or high winds. You don’t have to clamber up a ladder to get a good look at your roof. Just be diligent about walking the perimeter and visually inspecting every surface that you can see. All you need is a good pair of binoculars to see any potential problems. Look for missing, curling, and cracked shingles and peeling flashing.

Then search for leaks and water stains in the form your attic on your ceilings and bulging patches on your interior walls. If you notice any of these signs, your next step is to locate the leak and call in a professional to patch up the hole in your roof.  

Though it’s a dirty job, cleaning out your gutters is an essential part of maintaining your roof. Clogged gutters make it easy for water to seep under the structure of your roof, creating more than just a few water stains. Most experts recommend cleaning them out twice a year, once in late spring and again in early fall, as part of a regular fall home maintenance checklist.

Jobs For The Pros

When you identify areas for repair or periodic preventive roof maintenance to extend the longevity of your roof, call Decor Construction. Their professionals will assess the age, condition, construction, and materials of your roof and then make recommendations designed to help you get the most value from your roof. 

For example, they can repair the chimney for cracks or missing mortar. Structural damage of any size can cause chimney bricks to fall out, which can damage your roof, let alone cause your chimney to collapse. You can either hire a contractor to patch up any mortar cracks, or break out a trowel and do it yourself.

Complete Full Service Platinum Roof Shield Program

For commercial roofing maintenance needs, consider a full-service plan. The Platinum Roof Shield Program is designed to maximize the lifespan and performance of your roof, and also entitles you to an expedited response for emergency repairs so you get the best service available.

The Platinum Roof Shield Program begins with a detailed roof audit of your facility. Fully trained and certified commercial roofers perform a detailed inspection of roof system components. The professional roof repair company then will document deficiencies and upon approval, perform general housekeeping and maintenance tasks that are critical to prolonging roof service life.

Rely on Decor Construction for your residential and commercial roofing needs. For more than 30 years, this company has been a leading provider of roofing services throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, and Kansas.  As a local, family-owned business, the team consists of diverse, highly trained members dedicated to providing excellent workmanship and service to our customers. Decor Construction offers a single point of contact, leading to greater accountability and consistent roofing services and eliminates the need to maintain multiple contractor relationships.

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