Roof Maintenance And Repair Due To Water Damage

roof maintenance tulsa, roof repair tulsa, roof restoration tulsaWhen life gets crazy from work or school, we typically need a ‘me’ day or need some attention to help get us through the day. Just like us, our home needs some attention from time to time. Even if there is nothing wrong with your home structure, it’s smart to pay close attention to your home to prevent future damage. From damaged pipes to leaky appliances, water damage has many sources. One of the main causes of indoor water damage is from roof damage. Exactly how can roof damage cause water damage? From the roof maintenance experts at Decor Construction in Tulsa, here are a few examples: 

Roof Maintenance In Tulsa 

  1. Shingles are made to protect your home from water damage; however, after harsh weather conditions or when aging occurs, shingles won’t protect the home from water like it should. If you’ve ever seen a movie where there was a tropical storm and the roof was leaking, chances are the shingles were wearing down. Doing repairs on your roof now will help your chances against water damage later.
  2. Debris from trees and shrubs can find its way onto your roof and cause damage. Branches from standing trees can puncture the roof; therefore, causing leaks and water damage. Regular roof maintenance will also aid in preventing water damage. This maintenance can range from clearing the roof from debris, cleaning gutters, repairing gutters, etc. Debris on the roof and in the gutters can cause water backup which may result in water damage. Similar to shingle repairs, roof maintenance can prevent further, more extensive damage down the road. 
  3. Weather conditions consisting of ice, freezing temperatures, snow, rain, or hail can be a culprit of roof damage. These weather conditions can take its toll on your roof overtime. Ice dams occur when ice and snow build up in the gutters and cause water overflow. This water finds its way into small cracks and crevices and can cause internal water damage.
  4. Other weather conditions such as high winds, thunderstorms, hurricanes, or tornados can obviously damage homes. The high winds can cause shingles to fly off your roof leaving it exposed. The damage caused by these storms will leave your roof exposed for later storms. In order to prevent further damage, inspect and repair your roof. 
  5. Weather that consists of high heat can also take its toll on roofs. High heat can cause shingles to warp, crack, expand, etc. Installing vapor barriers, sealing the roof, or changing the roof can decrease moisture, protect against UV rays, and cool the roof. 

As you can see, there are many ways that your roof can be damaged; however, there are many ways to prevent damage. Most preventative ways include inspecting and making minor repairs as time goes on. It may sound too simple, but regular inspection and maintenance decreases roof damage tremendously. Decor Construction provides roof services and maintenance ranging from metal roofing, shingle roofing, regular maintenance, repairs, and more. These services will increase roof strength and prevent further damage. The best thing to do is act now and give your roof the attention it needs and call the roof maintenance experts

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