Roof Maintenance: What Does it Look Like?

roof maintenance tulsa, roof repair tulsa, roof restoration tulsaThe roof on top of a house is like a cherry on top of ice cream. It’s pretty essential. (Okay, actually I don’t really like cherries so maybe that’s a poor example-pick your favorite topping and put that on top of ice cream. Now it’s essential.) A roof is what helps protect your home from the outside elements, keeps you dry on a rainy day, keeps your things safe from being sun bleached, and your family safe. That’s just a few of its roles. However, a roof can only play its part if it is well maintained. A roof that is old, weathered, and not properly maintained could begin to fail in some of its duties. So what are some things you can do to properly maintain your roof so it stays in the best condition possible.

Roof Maintenance In Tulsa

Roof Maintenance Plan

Whenever there is something you need to do, it’s helpful to have a plan. In this case, we can call it a roof maintenance plan. It will consist of the things you should do to make sure your roof is in and stays in tip top shape.

    • Routine Roof Inspections: How will you ever know what the condition of  your roof is if you never inspect it. You should do routine roof inspections to ensure everything is still in good condition. It may be a good idea to call in a professional roofing company to do the inspection. They know how to do an inspection safely and what to look for while doing one. In particular, you should always do an inspection after a big storm to look out for any debris left on the roof or damage that may have occurred. 
    • Fix any damage that has occurred: An inspection is good but what you do after an inspection may be even more important. An inspection of your roof will bring to light the true condition of your roof. It will help you know what needs repair and maintenance. The important thing is that you do those repairs and maintenance.
    • Remove debris: Debris has a way of making it to our roofs. It is important to clean off the debris from your roof regularly. As well, if there is something causing excess debris on your roof such as an overgrowing tree that is dropping branches, you may need to think about cutting back the branches so they don’t cause extensive damage down the road.
    • Replace damaged or missing shingles: Overtime, the roof takes some wear and tear. That’s understandable. Make sure to repair damaged areas and replace missing shingles if that’s the material you are using. 
  • Roof over 20 years old: Just like we get old, so does your roof. Be aware of how old your roof is getting. If it is over 20 years old, that is getting to your upper limit and you should probably begin thinking about a new roof.

A little work now will definitely pay off later.

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