Can Roof Leaks Be Repaired For Your Tulsa Home?

roofing repairs tulsa, roofing maintenance tulsaLeaks happen when something breaks, cracks, or gets dislodged on your roof, letting water in. These problems hit your wallet in two ways 1) the damage to your home and belongings, and 2) potentially replacing the entire roof. And that is pricey. 

A typical two-story, 2,300-square-foot house with a medium-pitch roof has a roof area of about 1,500 square feet. Double that if the house is only one story. So the average cost for a new roof is $14k. So if you find a leak and suspect roofing problems, call Decor Construction out to the property. When you report a leak to these roof experts, they will assess the option of repairing just the damaged areas versus replacing the entire thing. These are the some areas they will commonly check out first:

Vent Boot

Made of either plastic or metal, the vent boot is one of the first things suspected when you report a leak. Roof contractors will check for cracks and deformities on your boot and signs of rotting on the rubber boot around the pipe, and will recommend replacing the damaged parts. They will also check for missing, pulled up, or rusty nails in the flashing and replace pieces accordingly with nails with rubber washers. They’ll also ensure that the shingles surrounding the vent boot are held down and in good condition.

Dormer Window

A dormer window is also a roof penetration attached to the roof using flashings and adhesive. Like vent boots, all the parts where it meets the roof should be checked for leaks. Roof experts will examine the caulk adhesive used to fasten the dormer windows. Over time, caulk ages and cracks, allowing water to pass into your home. Contractors can usually find and replace any damaged or rotting parts in the window then seal, thus avoiding roof replacement. 


As with any roof penetration (vent boot, dormers), the flashing around a chimney can cause leaks when it starts to rust. 

The bricks can also degrade. If the damage to the brick “crown” is light, the team will use coating materials to fill in and seal the cracks. More significant damage may call for removal of the whole crown and new masonry.  


Seams are often a weak point of large and flat roofs. Large rolls of membrane are rolled out over the vast expanse. Depending on whether the roof is fully adhered or mechanically fastened, those membranes are secured to either the insulation or deck below. No sheet is as wide as a roof, so multiple sheets must be overlapped and joined. In flat, open spaces, these seams hold up well, but at the edges of the roof  and especially around flashing, delamination can lead to a roof leak.

A Solid Roof Repair Team in Tulsa

Protect your roof. If you need a thorough inspection, routine maintenance, or emergency roof repair, rely on Decor Construction for your residential and commercial roofing needs.  A local, family-owned, licensed general contractor has over 30 years of experience with residential remodels, multi-family construction, and reconstruction services. 

Decor Construction offers a single point of contact, leading to greater accountability and consistent roofing services and eliminates the need to maintain multiple contractor relationships. Décor Construction is a licensed general contractor with years of experience with residential remodels, multi-family construction, and reconstruction services. 

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