Common Causes Of Roof Leaks And Repairs In Tulsa

roof repairs tulsa, roofing company tulsa, roof maintenance tulsaWe’ve all seen movies where pots and pans are set up strategically throughout a room to catch leaking water. While these depictions may be a little dramatic, a leaky roof is nothing to mess around with. You want to be sure to catch and repair roof leaks before they turn into bigger problems, so that is why our roof repair experts at Decor Construction have put together this list of common causes of roof leaks so you know what to be on the lookout for.

Roof Repairs In Tulsa

Cracks in the flashing

First off, you are probably wondering what the heck  flashings are. The flashing are thin pieces of metal installed under shingles and on the joints of the roof that are responsible for creating a water-resistant barrier. Over time, the sealant on the flashing can corrode, especially if it is left exposed. This results in cracking, which means that the water barrier is compromised and, consequently, your roof can then begin to leak. To repair cracked roof flashing, the broken flashing will need to be removed and replaced, and then sealed to ensure the leak is fixed. 

Poorly installed or damaged sealing at valleys

Speaking of sealing areas of your roof, leaks can occur if your valleys are not properly sealed. Not sure where the valleys of your roof are? An area where two planes of roof meet at the end of their slopes are referred to as valleys. If valleys are not thoroughly sealed together, rainwater will run under your roofing as it moves its way down the slopes. To repair leaking roof valleys, a new leak barrier may need to be installed along the valley. 

Broken or missing shingles

This tends to be the easiest roofing problem to find because it is obvious when shingles are broken or missing. This type of damage most often occurs after heavy rainstorms or with high winds. The good news is replacing shingles is one of the most common types of roof repair, so it is fairly easy and straightforward to repair. That being said, this type of roof damage should not be taken lightly and should be addressed right away to avoid leaks at the exposed area. 

Poor water drainage

Rain gutters are designed to channel water away from the roof and prevent it from pooling or collecting on it. If gutters are clogged, damaged, dented, or missing altogether, rainwater will be allowed to pool in lower areas of your roof which increases the chances of it seeping through and leaking. We recommend cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year to ensure there are no blockages that will impede the flow of water, and if you notice any damaged or missing pieces, get them repaired quickly. 

Decor Construction knows just how important it is to first prevent and second catch roofing problems right away before they allow leaks to occur. If you notice leaking water from your roof, or suspect any of the above problems may be going on, call Decor Instruction right away. We offer roof repair for any and all roof issues in and around Tulsa. 

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