Roof Repairs From Rodents and Pests

roof repairs tulsaIf you notice a piece of shingle on the yard or driveway, you need to investigate the roof.  Bad weather is usually the cause, but it could be damage from a freeloading friend. When a shingle goes missing the entire home becomes vulnerable from additional damage to the roof. Stay safe on the ground and look for the problem, or call Decor Construction to inspect the entire damage.   

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Is It Raccoons, Squirrels, or Worse? 

Clever “trash pandas” are internet sensations. Their expressive faces, creepy long fingers and adorable antics are amusing to watch. Raccoons are also experts at ripping into rooftops. They might nest in your attic as a home; females need a safe, warm and dry place to raise the new pups from February to May. 

If you have a yard with trees, you probably have squirrels. With their sharp incisors, these animals could gnaw your roof and its supporting structure. Rodents may chew the roof vents or burrow right through the shingles and decking. 


Perhaps the biggest animal threat to your roof is rats. Tenacious and bold, rats will find a new home by digging into your roofing and insulation. And in addition to the risk from the germs they carry, your home can be damaged from water line leaks. Rodents will also chew through electrical wiring, creating a fire risk. Keep an eye out for large holes and cracks in your roof– classic signs of rats. 


Sometimes the unwanted guests don’t really damage the home, but become a risk to the inhabitants. Openings in the roof creates an easy nesting place for wasps and bees. They can enter under tiles or flashing;  search where the roof meets a dormer, skylight, or other protruding section. So deny them an access point by calling Decor Construction to maintain your home (and safety.)

Other Pests That Might Damage The Roof

  • If squirrels get in your attic, they can cause severe damage by chewing through your shingles, siding, and trimming to get to a water line.
  • Possums are nocturnal; you’ll hear them before you see them. After climbing your trees, they’ll jump onto the roof and burrow. 
  • If bats have chosen your attic,  it is because they found a fertile food source. In addition to a roof problem you might also have a pest problem.
  • Birds poop build up is corrosive to the singles. Some birds, such as ravens, will actually peck at shingles and destroy them. Woodpeckers might find insects under your shingles and fascia boards.

Your roof protects your home– you must protect your roof from pests and damage. Whether your roof problem came from insects, rodents, or birds, get a qualified pest-removal vendor that specializes in the safe removal of pests. Once all intruders are removed, Decor Construction will inspect the roof for any damage or entry points. To avoid water damage from any rain or wind, they will quickly repair the roof

So whether you need routine maintenance, or emergency roof repair, call Decor Construction for help in Tulsa. For more than 30 years, they repaired the damage from furry invaders throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, and Kansas.   

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