Preparing Your Roof For The Winter Season

roof repairs tulsaNow that fall is upon us in Tulsa, it is the perfect time to perform some maintenance on your home in preparation for winter. Trust us, you do not want to have to be calling for roof repairs this winter, and taking the time this fall to prepare your roof for the winter months ahead can help prevent possible roof damage. 

Roof Repair In Tulsa

Here are some maintenance tips we suggest to keep your roof safe and help prevent the need for roof repairs this winter.

  1. Clean Out Your Gutters. Gutters are responsible for keeping water from building up on your roof and flowing off your roofline. When gutters get clogged and debris builds up, water is not able to be channeled off your roof and, instead, it can back up onto your roof where it can seep under shingles, cause cracking, foster mold, and even form ice damns when temperatures drop below freezing. Before the leaves start to fall, be sure that your gutters are clean and clear from any obstructions. You may even want to consider installing gutter guards, which are affordable solutions to preventing leaves from falling inside your gutters. Gutter guards allow water to flow into the gutters while catching larger debris.
  2. Trim Back Low-Lying Branches That Can Threaten Your Roof. When branches grow too close to your home, they present a major threat to your roof. Even branches that appear to be strong can buckle under the weight of snow. Falling branches can cause severe damage to your roof, so to eliminate that threat, trim them away. Another bonus of trimming branches that lie too close to your home is you reduce the number of falling leaves that could end up building up on your roof or clogging your gutters.
  3. Clean Off Your Roof. When dirt and debris, foliage, and mold build up on your roof, the shingles can become weakened and may even begin to lift from their base. This leaves areas of your roof susceptible to water seepage and even more mold and mildew growth. You want your roof to be as strong and secure as possible because it is your home’s first line of defense from all the elements, and keeping it clean will help to make it last longer and stronger. Also, a clean roof will greatly improve the appearance of your home, which is a great added bonus. 
  4. Calling A Roofing Company. If you really want to take your fall roof maintenance to the next level, call for a roof inspection and cleaning. Removing built-up dirt, dust, debris, and even mold or other microbial growth can help increase the lifespan of your roof. Trained professionals will be able to inspect your roof for any weak areas or areas that may be susceptible to damage so you can get them addressed before the snow and excess water comes. Prevention is much easier and less expensive than repairs. 

Keep in mind that even the best preventative efforts cannot guarantee that damage will not occur. When you do find yourself in need of roof repairs, be sure to call Decor Construction right away.

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