Maintaining Your Commercial Roof Ahead Of Spring Storm Season

Commercial roof, roof inspection, roof, roof repairsWinter is winding down, and before we know it, Spring storms will be upon us.  It’s time to start thinking about working with a trusted roofing professional to make sure your roof is ready to weather storms.

The Impacts Of Snow And Ice On Your Commercial Roof System

Winter is a beautiful season, but it can be hard on your roof. Snow and ice can cause damage to both residential and commercial roofs that could lead to more costly repairs down the line if left unaddressed. Let’s look at how winter weather affects your roof and what you can do to protect it. 

Snow and ice will naturally build up on your roof in the winter months. In most cases, this snow melts away during the day or when temperatures warm up throughout the season. However, sometimes when the temperature drops suddenly at night or stays below freezing for a prolonged period of time, ice dams form. These ice dams prevent other snow from draining off your roof, which leads to more snow accumulating on top of the existing layer. This not only adds additional weight to your roof but also causes shingles to lift, leaving gaps where moisture can get underneath your roof, causing leaks. For larger commercial roofs, sitting water leads to the degradation of your roof system, causing seams to lift.  These openings provide pathways for water, creating leaks inside your building.

Why Schedule A Roof Inspection?

A professional roof inspection following the Winter season can help ensure that your business is operating safely and efficiently before storm season begins. Our Decor roofing team will check for damage and evaluate the condition of your roof, allowing us to catch and address any potential problems before they turn into more costly repairs. This includes checking for signs of leakage, condensation buildup, excessive ponding water, and other deterioration that may affect the performance of your roof system. Additionally, we will be able to make sure that any repairs needed are completed quickly and correctly so you won’t have any surprises later when storm season rolls around.

Why Choose Decor Roofing?

For 35 years, Decor has been a leading provider of roofing, restoration, and construction services throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our local, talented team is knowledgeable and experienced in all roof types. 

We are a local, family-owned business. We live and work in the communities we serve and have in-depth knowledge of the unique needs of our area. You’ll get personalized one-on-one service from a team that truly cares about your project.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Decor’s Success Relies On Your SatisfactionCommercial roof, roof inspection, roof, roof repairs

We are proud of our long history and truly believe it is a testament to the quality workmanship and exceptional customer service we offer our customers. We value long-term client relationships and are honored to serve several of our clients for many years. When choosing a roofing contractor, testimonials and reviews make all the difference.  We aim for 100% satisfaction 100% of the time.

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