Tips for Preventing Building Fires Ahead of the Holiday Weekend

fire damage tulsaIndependence Day is a time for celebration, barbeques, and fireworks. With these festivities comes the risk of fire and roof damage to your property if proper precautions aren’t taken. Taking these extra steps to protect your home or business can help prevent roof fires caused by fireworks so that you can enjoy celebrating the Fourth of July. 

Roof Fire Damage – Tulsa

Use Fireworks In An Open Space

If you plan to have a firework show, big or small, it is wise to make sure all fireworks are done in an open space clear of debris, brush, and other flammable materials. This will minimize the chances of a spark starting a fire. 

Clear Debris From The Roof Of Your Home Or Business

Check that your roof, gutters, and downspouts are free of leaves, twigs, and other building debris, which can spark a fire if exposed to a heat source such as fireworks. Inspect the shingles for cracks in the material that could let embers from flying fireworks into your attic space. Make sure thresholds and skylights are properly fitted and sealed with caulk so no embers can pass through them as well. 

Remove Combustible Materials

Make sure there are no propane tanks, paint cans, gasoline containers, or other flammable items stored near your property or roof. Firewood, paper bags, boxes, ladders, chairs, or anything flammable should be moved away from the house while lighting fireworks. Electrical equipment or wiring that is exposed or in need of repair can also present a hazard and should be repaired. This will reduce the likelihood of stray embers igniting these items and causing a potential roof fire. 

Proper Insulation

It’s also important to make sure your roof has been properly insulated prior to Independence Day. This will help reduce the risk of sparks from fireworks igniting on contact with the roofing material. If you have a metal roof, inspect for any rust spots that need to be filled or treated with rust-proof paint. Rust can act as a conductor of electricity and heat, so ensuring your metal roof is rust-free is essential in preventing a fire. 

Keep A Water Source Nearby

When lighting fireworks, it is best practice to have a water source available nearby in case of an emergency. Keep a garden hose connected and ready to use if you see smoke coming from your commercial property, roof, home, or yard during the holiday celebration. It is also wise to keep a bucket of water nearby where debris from fireworks can be collected and disposed of safely. 

Practice Fire Safety

fire damage tulsaFire safety should always be taken seriously, especially during the Fourth of July holiday when there are increased chances of sparks igniting into a larger fire. By following these steps before Independence Day weekend arrives, you can help protect not only your business or home but also those around you by minimizing the risk of fires caused by rooftop activity during the summer holiday season. 

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If you have questions about the potential risks of fire safety to your commercial property or home this holiday or are in need of roof repairs, contact Decor Roofing and Restoration, we are happy to help keep your property and family safe so you can enjoy a Happy Independence Day! If you do happen to experience fire damage, give us a call for help with the restoration.

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