Key Areas on a Roof That Every Homeowner Should Check After a Storm

After a terrible storm, we’re all delighted
to see the clear sky bring relief. However, you don’t know that the aftermath
can leave a trail of damage on your roof. Neglecting post-storm roof damage can
lead to leaks and other structural damage. Therefore, inspecting your roof’s
condition after a major storm is essential. 

To avoid
further issues, fixing any damage or replacing your roof as necessary is
advisable. In this article, we’ll look at the major roof areas to inspect after
a storm. 


The most
common evidence of storm damage is seen on your shingles. Since they’re your
home’s first line of defense, they get hit before any other part. Don’t take it
lightly if you see curled, missing, cracked, or lost granules on your shingles.
Climbing on your roof after a storm is not advisable. Hence, you should get a
professional roofer to inspect it for you. Alternatively, you can accomplish it
from ground level with binoculars. 


maintain your gutters in optimal condition, keep them clear of debris. A simple
method to accomplish this task involves sweeping the debris and depositing it
into a bucket. However, placing a tarp on the ground under the gutters would
give you better results. Clogged gutters can lead to excessive weight or even
detachment of the entire system. Contact a professional roofer for repairs to
protect your home from water damage. 

Attic and

You should
inspect your ceilings and attics for water spots. Hidden roof leaks can
sometimes remain undetected until they manifest indoors. This can lead to
severe problems if not addressed on time. Inspect your light fixtures,
ceilings, and attic for water spots and leaks. For enhanced visibility in these
poorly lit regions, use a flashlight. 

Roof Vents

While the
damage to the roof’s fascia and soffit might appear minor, it can become a
significant issue. Faulty roof vents can potentially disrupt your house’s
ventilation system. Warped or damaged vents compromise the air they draw into
your indoors. Hence, checking your vent’s condition after a storm is advisable. 

If you
spot any storm damage on your roof, ensure prompt repairs are made. Contact
Decor Roofing & Restoration for professional roof inspection and repair

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