Cool Roofs

If you are interested in exploring the option of installing or maintaining your cool roofs, let us know at Decor Construction. We are experts in all commercial roofing types. Cool roofs are a wonderful, environmentally friendly option for any large commercial roof, such as those found on churches, malls, schools, industrial buildings and more. Cool roofs are a great system for low-slope and flat roof buildings. If you have questions about the cool roof options available in your area, please give us a call.

Energy Savings

Roofing is one of the most important factors when comes to controlling energy consumption for a building. Coating a roof with solar reflective materials drastically lowers the surface temperatures of a roof. This reflective coating creates a “cool roof.” Cool roofs provide great comfort for the inside your building and lowers the demand on your air conditioning unit. Cool roofing can lower your energy costs substantially. At Decor Construction, we are experts in commercial roofing and will be happy to assess your building’s roof to see if a cool roof is a viable option.

Cool roof coatings use a white roof coating consisting of various materials, like a polymeric binder blended with pigments, to reflect heat off a roof.

cool roofs installation provide two main benefits:

  • Provides a longer roof life
  • Lower energy costs with solar reflection

What makes cool roofs great for saving on energy cost is its ability to repel the sun’s rays. Traditional black top roofs can reach a temperature of 180 degrees when it’s 100 degrees outside. Gravel roofing can get as hot as 145 degrees. A cool roof reflects the sun’s solar radiation and heat, which can cool the roof to 90 degrees. Cool roofs provide a cooler indoor environment and reduce your air conditioning’s peak cooling demand up to 15 percent. At Decor Construction, we believe in being up to date in all the latest environmentally friendly cool roof options available.

Roof Installation

Decor Construction has the top roofers available to help your company install a cool roof. Solar reflective coatings can be applied to the roofing membrane at the factory. We also provide repairs and maintenance when necessary.

Factory pre-coated roof surfaces provide a hassle-free, one-step field application. Once the roof system is applied, the job is complete. This one-step installation helps diminishes labor costs because there are no costly time delays for application of multiple coats. Our roofers have the best installation equipment available and we have the highest quality products available.

If your business is considering a cool roof and you are interested in the roof installation options available for your commercial building, we will be happy to visit you. Our talented team can inspect your current roof for free and explain in detail your choices. As an A-rated BBB roofing company we promise to provide you with honest, reliable service for all your cool roof installation and repairs needs. Give us a call or drop by our location, we look forward to seeing you!

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