PVC Roofing Installation & Repairs

PVC, short for polyvinyl chloride, is commonly used on commercial roofs. A PVC roofing membrane is designed through a process of heat welding seam technology. One single piece of PVC roofing can cover an entire roof’s surface. PVC roofing eliminates the need for seams and joints on a roof and also provides incredible flexibility. PVC can be installed to practically any shaped surface. The PVC installation process is simple, easy and quick. Our expert roofers have years of experience working with PVC roofing installation and repairs and we are industrial roof specialists.

PVC roofing is composed of material that is incredibly durable and highly resistant to impact and punctures. PVC roofs are resistant to flame exposure and fire propagation. PVC roofing has a great tolerance for heat movement because of its flexibility, and is exceptionally tough against contamination and rooftop soiling.

PVC Roof Maintenance

PVC roofing is virtually maintenance free, as it is both waterproof and dirt resistant. However, as with any commercial roofing system it is always important to ensure your roof is inspected regularly. If you have any questions about the proper maintenance of your PVC roofing, don’t hesitate to call us at Decor. We are experts in roof maintenance and will be happy to give you a free assessment of your roof’s current condition.

PVC Roof Repair

With proper care and maintenance, a PVC roof can last many years. However, overtime the PVC can start to shrink. When this happens, the seams become compromised and leaks begin to occur. PVC can also dry out, causing it to shatter.

PVC Roofing Benefits

PVC roofing membranes are great when it comes to reflecting the sun’s solar rays and heat . PVC roofing can provide up to 80% solar reflectivity. PVC roofs have such a high reflective property because they are made with woven fabrics such as fiberglass and polyester. Having a PVC roof reduces cooling costs and heat island effects which provides you with energy savings. PVC roofing is also aesthetically appealing and suitable for both old and new structures.

When it comes to PVC roofing, installation, and repairs there is no name more trusted than Decor. As a leader in the commercial roofing industry, we believe in only the highest quality service and products. We have well established relationships with our vendors and over 30 years of experience in the field. That is why we are number one in commercial roofing. We are fully licensed and insured enabling us to handle any PVC roofing projects from Oklahoma City to Fayetteville and beyond.

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