Safety is our core value at Decor Construction. We fully recognize what is at stake in construction and renovation projects, and feel it is important to do everything we can to keep everyone safe. We follow all established safety protocols and take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the jobsite.

Although taking all the proper precautions in safety requires more time and diligence, that is simply the kind of company we are at Decor Construction. We never cut corners and we truly care about our employees, clients and everyone on site.

Safety is #1 At Decor Construction

The importance of safety cannot be overemphasized when it comes to both commercial and residential roofing, construction, and restoration projects. All of our employees receive in-depth safety training and follow established procedures to ensure safety compliance.

For safety to be met on any construction or roofing job we take the following precautions:

  • Safety is included in the pre-job meeting and reviewed prior to job start.
  • Site-specific safety plans are made for every single individual job.
  • All protection is present on every Decor Construction job site. No work will ever be started until all protection is present.

We never leave the safety and security of employees, installation teams and others who are on site to chance. You can rest assured when we handle your roofing or construction project that our core value safety standards will always be met.

We are always prepared to take all of the following safety concerns into consideration:

  • Work Area: Ensuring the entire work area is secure, properly marked and maintained throughout the entire process.
  • Fall Prevention: Ensuring all ladders and equipment is in good working condition and that all employees are trained in fall prevention.
  • Electrical: Ensuring all electrical equipment is properly used and the right procedures are being followed for electrical usage.
  • Tools & Equipment: Ensuring all employees are properly trained in tool and equipment use and that all of our tools are up to date and operating properly.
  • Material Handling: Ensuring everyone involved in handling materials is trained and understands proper lifting procedures.
  • Weather: Ensuring our employees never work in hazardous weather conditions and understand the proper precautions to take when inclement weather arrives.

For a roofing and construction company you can trust will uphold the highest level of safety, call Decor Construction.

Decor Construction Safety Policy

We hold the safety of our employees, our customers, and the general public as our number one priority. With our comprehensive safety program coupled with our full-time Safety and Risk Control Manager conducting regular safety meetings and unannounced site visits, we work proactively to maintain the highest standards of on-the-job safety. All new employees are required to undergo a mandatory safety training program upon hire covering such topics as OSHA Regulations, First Aid, Fall Protection, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and Ladder & Tool Safety.

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