Ice Dams Can Cause Roof Repairs In Tulsa

roof repair tulsaWhen your roof in Tulsa suffers damage during the winter months, many people just think they are going to have to deal with the damage until spring time. However, leaving your roofing material damaged during the winter with snow and ice and everything else your roof is exposed to is a good way to go from bad to worse. Decor Construction can perform just about any roof repairs to any roofing system in the winter just as well as in the summer, so do not wait or hesitate to call us if your roof needs repaired. One of the most common causes of roof repairs in the winter is the notorious and troublesome ice dam. The experts at Decor Construction in Tulsa are here to help explain about ice dams and how they can affect your roof.

Roof Repairs In Tulsa

Ice dams occur when heat from inside your home and the heat from the sun combine to melt snow and ice on your roof, which then results in water flowing to the edge of your roof to the gutters. When it refreezes there, along the edges of your roof, it forms a dam of ice that prevents more meltaway water from running off of your roof and through the designated gutters and downspouts. This often results in icicle formation, and increases the weight and pressure on your gutter system. Unfortunately, ice dams can tear down gutters, eaves, and shingles allowing water to back up onto your roof and seep through cracks and openings in your shingles. This causes not only roofing problems but also water damage. Water runoff from melting snow and ice then is unable to be properly channeled off of your roof and away from your home, leading to pooling water on your roof. Standing or pooling water will eventually find cracks or any other weakened areas to seep into, which means it will find its way through the surface of your roof, underneath roofing materials, and begin to undermine your roof.  Ice dams are not only threatening to your roof, but also your attic and interior walls. This is why proper roof ventilation is so important. Exhaust vents allow warm air to escape through your attic while intake vents allow cool air to enter. A cooler attic means less snow and ice melt all at once which will prevent ice dams from forming in the first place. A properly vented roof can also help reduce the amount of condensation that can build up in your attic. As snow and ice accumulate on your roof throughout the winter months, the warm air that rises up through your home and into your attic hits the cold roof deck and produces excess moisture. This moisture can cause rotting to occur in the wood, which then compromises your roof from the inside out. Have we now made you scared of ice dams? While all this sounds scary and overwhelming, Decor Construction is here to help. 

At Decor, we specialize in roofing repairs from ice dams during the winter. Our talented and experienced team is knowledgeable and experienced with all roof types, and are able to assess your roof at no obligation. Don’t wait until spring to get any concerns or problems with your roof addressed. Instead, call Décor right away and get any necessary roof repairs taken care of.

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