Roof Concerns To Watch For Beyond Shingles

roof repairs tulsaYour roof is expected to protect you from blistering heat, heavy rains, freezing temperatures, snow, and even ice. Unfortunately, a poorly constructed or aging old roof can have any number of problems. Since the roof is continuously exposed to UV rays, friction from branches, or a shifting, uneven foundation, it’s common to wear over time. 

A majority of the time, roof repairs require replacing old, worn shingles with new ones. When they are installed correctly, you can expect to get about 20-25 years out of your shingles.

Roof Repairs In Tulsa

Framing and rafters make up the structure that supports your roof. A wood or timber frame is the most common and least expensive but can rot more easily or get termites. A metal frame stands up better to fire, strong winds, and earthquakes, but either material might get damaged and need repairs. 


At the roof intersections, a thin strip of weather-resistant material helps prevent water from entering. If it wears out or gets bent, it can create a funnel into the building. When flashing does not attach tightly to the membrane, it fails to divert water penetration from the joints of roof shingles, ridges of the kitchen chimneys, and around dormers and skylights.

Venting And Ventilation

Poor attic ventilation can cause excess heat build-up and cause damage to the roof. Increased heat warms and dries out the shingles from below which eventually leads to loose granules.

Additionally, condensation in the attic can also be a result of poor airflow. Good ventilation balances intake and exhaust such as bathroom fans, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. Poor ventilation can cause moisture buildup in places like your attic, leading to mold or rot.

Professional companies such as Decor Construction can repair, replace, or install more fans or roof vents to improve the airflow throughout your home. 


The underlayment is the layer between the roof deck and the shingles that are made of breathable, synthetic material. It is one of the most critical components of a home. If it’s not installed properly, a large-scale repair or complete replacement may be in order. Additionally, older homes may have areas where shingles have been applied directly onto the roof sheathing, making it vulnerable to wind-driven rains.

Other Repairs

Roof leaks can occur in the areas that penetrate the roof like chimneys, vent pipes, plumbing stacks, dormer walls, terminations, and wall flashings. These parts of your roof are the most vulnerable and if they’re poorly installed, they will leak over time. Other problems can also occur at the following:

  • Drip edges are the metal installed at the edge of shingles near gutters
  • Valleys are where two sloping sections of the roof come together
  • Fascia is the board that runs along the roofline where the roof and walls of the house meet, holding the gutters in place and helping in preventing water damage.
  • Soffits are perpendicular to the fascia and beneath the overhangs of an eave, providing ventilation and protecting the rafters

A Dependable Roof Repair Team

Rely on Decor Construction, a professional company that has been servicing residents for over 30 years with roofing needs. They have provided inspections, routine maintenance, or emergency roof repair to Tulsa homes. Decor Construction offers a single point of contact, leading to greater accountability and consistent roofing services and eliminating the need to maintain multiple contractor relationships.

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