What is the best material for roof damage repairs?

Many Tulsa homeowners don’t even think about what material is on their roof unless they install a new one, replace an old one, or repair their current one. Most don’t even realize that there are a variety of different roofing materials they can choose from. Let’s go over some of the most common and popular […]

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Common Types of Roof Repairs

Over time, your roof will deteriorate due to natural wear and tear. You can avoid a damaged roof from causing structural issues throughout your house by staying on top of your roof repair requirements. A company specializing in roofing services and roof cleanup in Tulsa will be able to help you with all of your […]

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The Major Causes Of Roof Damage In Tulsa

A leaking roof can cause serious issues for your house and family. Each year homeowners contact a roof repair specialist for roof damage in Tulsa. Many roof repairs are only possible after a thorough assessment by a professional. If homeowners overlook signs of damage, they may face more serious problems in the future. However, knowing […]

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Ice Dams Can Cause Roof Repairs In Tulsa

When your roof in Tulsa suffers damage during the winter months, many people just think they are going to have to deal with the damage until spring time. However, leaving your roofing material damaged during the winter with snow and ice and everything else your roof is exposed to is a good way to go […]

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Common Causes Of Roof Leaks And Repairs In Tulsa

We’ve all seen movies where pots and pans are set up strategically throughout a room to catch leaking water. While these depictions may be a little dramatic, a leaky roof is nothing to mess around with. You want to be sure to catch and repair roof leaks before they turn into bigger problems, so that […]

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Roof Maintenance Tips To Protect Your Home

We have said it before, and we will say it again, the roof of your Tulsa home is the first line of defense your house has from all the elements. This is why roofing materials are durable and built to last and withstand all it comes into contact with. That being said, there are still […]

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Keeping Your Tulsa Roof In Top Shape With Maintenance

Your roof is the home’s first line of defense against all the elements, and it covers and protects your entire home. Because of the harsh conditions it is exposed to, it is so important to keep your roof in its best shape possible so that it can continue to protect your home. Roof maintenance is […]

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High Winds Equals Roof Repairs In Tulsa

The roof of your Tulsa home is exposed to all the elements; sun, rain, wind, and hail just to name a few. Since the roof protects the entire home from all of these elements, it is important to make sure it stays in good shape. One of the most damaging things to our roofs is […]

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Metal Roofs And Repairs In Tulsa

Metal roofing has an excellent track record that is literally centuries old. Once exclusive to commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, now homeowners are choosing it too. Metal is the second most popular roofing material thanks to its durability, longevity, and a wide selection of styles. No matter what kind of style, color, or finish you […]

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Can Roof Leaks Be Repaired For Your Tulsa Home?

Leaks happen when something breaks, cracks, or gets dislodged on your roof, letting water in. These problems hit your wallet in two ways 1) the damage to your home and belongings, and 2) potentially replacing the entire roof. And that is pricey.  A typical two-story, 2,300-square-foot house with a medium-pitch roof has a roof area […]

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