commercial construction tulsa, commercial reconstruction tulsa

When It Is Time To Expand, Improve!

When your business is bursting at the seams, your employees are sharing office space, and you don’t have adequate space to receive your clients– take advantage of the situation and improve your commercial space. When you work with a trusted commercial construction partner, you can add workroom with more features, technology, and comfort than you […]

commercial construction tulsa, commercial reconstruction tulsa

3 Reasons To Renovate Your Business

Your business has been doing incredibly well. You have wonderful loyal clients who know you and your business and excellent employees that help you keep your business on par. But is this enough? In the age of today, everything is changing, upgrading, becoming more convenient and more efficient. Your business has to do the same […]

commercial construction tulsa, commercial construction contractor tulsa

Choosing A Commercial Construction Contractor

It is a milestone in your career when you can expand your business. Thanks to your hard work, good decisions (and a little luck) your concept is thriving. Now, take the time to find a partner to share your vision and create additional commercial space to grow. Does My Project Require A Commercial Contractor? Depending […]

water damage restoration tulsa, water damage repair tulsa

Four Upgrades To Fortify Your Home Against Water Damage

Prevention is always better than restoration. Here are a few ways we at Décor Construction in the Tulsa area recommend you upgrade your home to further protect it against water damage. Water Detection Devices A water detection device a simple electronic monitor that will notify you if the moisture level in your home rises above […]

storm damage tulsa, storm damage cleanup tulsa

Tornado Watch For Eastern Oklahoma

All of Eastern Oklahoma is on a tornado watch tonight between 6-10 pm. Here are some Tornado Safety tips to keep you and your family safe. Be Prepared In Advance Unfortunately, safety cannot be guaranteed during a tornado, but there are precautions you can take to help keep yourself safe. Make sure you have an […]

The Bridge’s Annual Chili Cook-Off Winner!

Every year, The Bridge church in Bixby, OK holds an Annual Chili Cook-Off.  This year, Decor Construction owner, Dewayne Corvin presented his amazing (and famous) white chicken chili! We are super excited and proud of our chief!

water damage restoration tulsa, water damage cleanup tulsa

How To Handle Water Damage In Carpet

Carpets are the coziest flooring product, no contest, however, they are also the easiest to destroy. Spills and water leaks can be hazardous to any kind of flooring if left too long, but initially, they are very easy to get off of any surface other than carpeting. Carpet does have its benefits, though. The ambiance […]

roof repairs tulsa, roofing company tulsa, roof maintenance tulsa

How To Get Ready For A Roof Replacement

Getting your roof repaired or replaced isn’t something you want to do lightly. Before making such a big decision, you will want to make sure to have considered all your options and possibilities. That includes finding the right roofing company for the job. At Décor Construction in the Tulsa area, we have a team of […]

roofing repairs tulsa, roofing maintenance tulsa

Five Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

Your roof isn’t really something you want to have serious problems with. A failure in your roof can cause water to leak into your home causing subsequent water damage. In more serious cases, your roof can cave in damaging the structural integrity of your home and even put you or your family in danger. Luckily, […]

roof repair tulsa, professional roof repair tulsa

4 Common Causes For Roof Damage

Roof damage can be a nightmare to deal with. It can be so difficult to find a source of a leak if there is one in your home because the roof is a very complex part of the exterior. A roof consists of several layers and depending on what material it is made from, it […]

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