Roof Inspections

We offer roof inspections on an as-needed basis to evaluate the integrity of your roof and to identify any potential deficiencies or problems. By checking for damage and evaluating the condition of your roof, many problems can be caught and addressed before they turn into a more costly repair. To ensure your roof has the longest lifespan, we recommend having a roof inspection completed every 1-2 years. We offer free no obligation estimates for repairs.

If you are aware of a problem with your roof, a roof inspection can help you understand the extent of the issue and the steps necessary to repair the roof. Our talented team of roofers will carefully inspect your roof and meticulously look for the damages the untrained eye may not be able to catch. We are committed to honesty in all of our assessments and will never lie to our customers about damages.

What’s included in a Decor Roof Inspection?

Our consultant grade roof inspections provide you with a thorough understanding of the existing condition of your roof system to help ensure it will achieve the maximum projected life. Our roof inspections offer the foundation for an easily manageable and financially sound program for maintenance and repair.

We will identify immediate roof deficiencies and potential problems, and can develop an ongoing maintenance plan and schedule designed to extend the lifespan of your roof.

  • Our roof inspection reports include:
  • Full roof inspection
  • Full color photo report
  • Repair proposal
  • Client Portal – Electronically available to manage and see all roof issues

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