Storm Damage

Severe weather can result in significant damage to your home or commercial property. From strong winds and hail to lightning and flash flooding, your property is susceptible to nearly any type of damage at the hand of Mother Nature. If your property has sustained any type of damage due to a storm, call Decor today for emergency disaster restoration.

We are a full-service disaster restoration company offering emergency services 24/7. No matter how severe the damage, we can help. We are a local, family-owned business, and when disaster strikes in our community we are here to help our neighbors.

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Emergency Services

Your roof, siding, and windows protect your property from the elements, but in severe weather, they bear the brunt of the force and can become damaged. Strong winds and tornadoes commonly cause roof and siding damage, and windows can be broken by falling trees or flying debris.

When this happens, emergency board-up and tarping can protect your property until permanent repairs can be made. Our team will respond as soon as it is safe and will get to work securing your property and protecting it against further damage.

Tree & Debris Removal

The Decor Construction team are storm damage experts. This means that when it comes to any and all storm-related damage, we can help. Our fast-acting team is always prepared to remove and dispose of any debris that has damaged your property, threatens your property, or invades your property. During heavy storms, the most likely cause of damage to your property is fallen trees or fallen tree limbs. Sometimes these limbs/trees aren’t very big and don’t require much to move. However, many storms blow over large trees that cannot be removed with the right equipment and manpower. Decor Construction provides 24/7 emergency tree removal services and emergency board-up and tarping if your property was damaged because of a fallen tree. We will make sure the mess is cleaned up and that your property is secure and safe from further damage.

Professional Roof Inspections & Repairs

If your roof has been damaged, Decor can inspect the roof and assess the damage. Our roofers have extensive experience working with all types of roofs for both residential and commercial properties and can provide a fair and accurate assessment of the damage and proposal for repairs.

We have partnerships with many roofing suppliers and have a large inventory of products that allow us to make repairs quickly. When your roof suffers storm damage nothing is more important than fixing it immediately. Keeping a safe, secure roof over the head of your family or business is our top priority.

We are experts in working with insurance companies to help you get the most for your roof repair and are happy to meet with your adjuster to discuss your roof. We have a trained HAAG Certified Inspector on staff and use the same pricing and estimating software insurance companies use. We can coordinate directly with your insurance and will be your advocate to make sure you are taken care of.

For all your storm damage and emergency repair needs, call Decor for fast and professional service 24/7.

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