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storm season, roof inspection, roofAs we move into Spring, so does storm season. While Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas
have already seen some signs of severe weather, there’s still time to make sure your home
or commercial property is ready to withstand Mother Nature. You don’t have to face the
storms alone—Decor is here to help. We want you to do what you love, and we’ll do what
we do best… looking after your roof!

Why You Need A Roof Inspection

Let’s start by making sure your roof is in good shape before Spring arrives. If you’re not
already on a roof maintenance plan, then now is the perfect time to schedule a free and
no-obligation inspection with Decor. During the inspection, one of our professionals will
take a close look at every detail of your roof system and provide an objective evaluation of
its current condition.

What Can You Expect From Your Appointment?

At your roof inspection appointment, we’ll be looking for any existing damage that should
be addressed as soon as possible. This includes checking for any water damage caused by
leaks or improper drainage, inspecting all components of your roof (such as shingles,
flashing, underlayment), examining the condition of gutters and downspouts to ensure
they are functioning properly, and verifying that vents or other openings haven’t been
blocked off by debris or wildlife activity. Furthermore, if we determine that any repairs are
necessary during this process, we can help you find cost-effective solutions to keep your
roof in top condition going into Spring.

What Happens If My Home Or Business Is Impacted By A Storm?

Should your home or business be impacted by storms, Decor is here in your time of need.
We offer emergency restoration services 24/7, including board-ups and roof tarping to
protect against further damage. Plus, our team of insurance claims specialists is available

to help navigate the claims process so that you can get back to life as usual as quickly as

Decor Specializes In Quality Roofing Materials And Installation

storm season, roof inspection, roofDecor specializes in quality roofing materials and installation so that your roof will last
through all kinds of weather conditions. We provide top-of-the-line materials from well-
known manufacturers like Carlisle and GAF. Plus, our experienced installers will make sure
everything is done right the first time around, so you won’t have to worry about repairs any
time soon.

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